Lancaster CSD Renovations 2015 - Phase 7c, 8, 9 REBID

1. Como Park Elementary – The project includes improvements to the school’s library, building mounted lighting, interior lighting, HVAC improvements and abatement. 2. Court Street Elementary – The project includes library renovations, carpet replacement, interior lighting and ceilings, HVAC work, abatement, site and building mounted lighting, and sidewalk replacement. 3. John A. Sciole Elementary – The project includes library renovations, HVAC work, and parking lot & sidewalk replacements. 4. High School – The project includes replacement of exterior doors and athletic flooring. 5. Concessions Building – The project includes construction of a concessions and toilet facility with the footprint of an existing garage space.


Bidding Closed

Bid Date4/30/19 1:00 pm

Company & Contacts

Young and Wright Architecture

Eric Zeffiro or Steve Shchurowsky   716.842.1800


Lancaster High School, Concessions Building, Como Park Elementary, Court Street, John A. Sciole Elementary

Eric Zeffiro can be reached at 716-698-6259

Purchase of this project requires a $100.00 refundable deposit made out to Lancaster Central School District.

An electronic version is available for $10.00 made payable to Avalon