Ohio Street Boat Launch Habitat Restoration Project

This project will build on the upland restoration efforts made recently as part of the Ohio Street Complete Streets project to create upland habitat with ecological function for native pollinators, birds, and small mammals, and to provide restoration of a minimum of 300 linear feet of shoreline habitat and 0.92 acres of riparian buffer habitat restoration and enhancements. The target area consists of mowed lawn, mature cottonwood trees, and paved walking paths. Restoration efforts will allow for the creation of valuable habitat without compromising the public use of the site and without significantly changing the site’s viewshed. The shoreline at the site is vegetated with native and non-native species, and RIVERKEEPER has indicated that invasive species may be targeted for removal.

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Bidding Closed

Prebid Date 6/21/17 1:00 pm

Bid Date 7/14/17 3:00 pm

Company & Contacts

Buffalo Niagara Riverkeeper

Leah Pabst   716-852-7483 ext. 14


Buffalo, NY - The Ohio Street Boat Launch site is located on Ohio Street and the right side of the Buffalo River, 1.5 miles upstream of the river’s mouth and between Michigan Street and South Street in Buffalo, NY. The site is bound to the north and

Any Purchase of this project will be non-refundable and made payable to “Avalon Document Services”

An option to download the files for these bid documents will be available to interested bidders for a fee of $10. This option can be found under the ‘Plans’ Tab. There is also an option to have these files placed onto CD, also $10 and found under the ‘Plans’ Tab.

A pre-bid conference and site visit, both to which attendance is mandatory, will be held at the office of Buffalo Niagara RIVERKEEPER, 721 Main Street, Buffalo, NY 14203 on Wednesday June 21, 2017, 1-3pm EST