Buffalo Color Peninsula Riparian Habitat Restoration Project

The Buffalo Color Peninsula site is located on the right descending bank of the Buffalo River, approximately 4.25 miles upstream of the mouth of the River. The site is land-locked and does not allow for public access. The site (also referred to as ‘Buffalo Color Area D’) had been used for the production of dyestuff and was remediated in 1997 through the NY State Superfund Program which included the construction of a slurry wall around the entire perimeter of the site, extraction and treatment of groundwater, and erosion control on the banks. The upland portion of the site has been capped and the area within the slurry wall is maintained as grass. Vegetation outside the slurry wall is not maintained and consists of shrubs and other herbaceous species. The entire shoreline is stabilized with riprap from above the waterline (approximately 572 feet elevation) for approximately 30 feet out into the river channel (approximately 565 water depth). Due to the remediated nature of the site, it is imperative that care be taken to not disturb the in-water plantings, slurry wall, cap system, monitoring wells, etc. Restoration techniques along approximately 2,575 linear feet of shoreline include:

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Buffalo Niagara Riverkeeper

Monica Lippens   716.852.7483


Buffalo, NY

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